“This assistance meant a lot to me. If The Salvation Army hadn’t helped me, I would be homeless again with my child on the street.”
-Nicole B. (assisted 11/2012)

”We Had to jump up out of bed in the middle of the night. Luckily we got out…we had to sit and watch our house burn…We are so thankful for them (The Red Cross) We don’t know what we would have done without them. They were such a blessing to us.”
-Lena Goolsby – Fire Victim

“The United Fund of Stokes County has been helpful to our agency by providing funding for our agency to provide assistance and support to victim of domestic violence & sexual assault. All of the services would not be possible without United Fund of Stokes Countyhelp. We thank you for your help.”
-Stokes Family Violence Services

Cancer Services is extremely grateful for the support of the United Fund of Stokes County ~ without this annual support, hundreds of individuals facing cancer in Stokes County each year would go without essential treatment and support required for their cancer ~ this support is saving and improving lives in Stokes County!”
-Tara O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer-Cancer Services of Stokes County

“The United Fund of Stokes County is an incredible agency. For many years, the United Fund has awarded grant money for the Summer Reading Program held at the Stokes County Libraries. Without the grant money we receive each year, we would have to move funds away from other areas to make sure we could have a Summer Reading Program. Plus, our programs would not be the quality that they are each year. We are so very grateful for the enduring partnership we have with the United Fund of Stokes County. If someone is looking for an agency to donate to, this is the one.”
-Stokes County Libraries

“The largest contributor to providing funding for the Stokes County 4-H program isStokes County United Fund. After working with United Fund for several years, they have shown their generosity in their willingness to keep helping fund a program they really believe in; and that belief comes to fruition each year. On a yearly basis, Stokes County 4-H staff members see children’s lives changed for the better: some change not-so- healthy eating habits into making more nutritional choices; some change from being very introverted to being extroverted; some change from being shy in front of audiences to being able to complete presentations without hesitation. And the good news is that 4-H allows parents, teachers, and others to see the changes in a child’s behavior over several months and even years. If it were not for Stokes County United Fund, programsStokes County 4-H offers simply would not exist. The Stokes County 4-H staff fully believes each child is able to fulfill the 4-H motto of “To make the best better” through the support of Stokes County United Fund and its donors.”
-Stokes County 4-H